30th anniversary & 25th regular concert - tickets sales open

Now you can buy a ticket for the concert at SAC Ticket.


제27회 정기연주회에 초대합니다

  • 일시: 2011년 5월 9일 (월) 오후 8시
  • 장소: 예술의 전당 콘서트 홀
  • 레퍼토리: 본 윌리엄스의 G단조 미사 / 바흐 모테트 "Der Geist Hilft Unser Schwachheit auf" / 한국 소품곡 모음

다음 링크를 통해 티켓을 구입하실 수 있습니다.


Coming: 30th anniversary & 25th regular concert on 2 May, 2010

SNU Almuni Choir's 25th regular concert is coming.

Program: Mozart Requiem & Bernstein Chichester Psalms



New website

Welcome to the new web site for Seoul National University Alumni Choir!

This website will be updated regularly - as a first step, Concert List (Korean) was updated.

Unfortunately, due to a failure of a server hardware, a community service (named angmaboard, 앙마보드) could not been recovered. We are still working on it, and the result will be posted. For the moment, please join and enjoy BBS Group for Alumnu (Korean).

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